Wednesday, 14 December 2011


On a side note, my birthday is coming up within a month! I'm pretty excited as Eighteen seems like a pretty interesting age. I know that it doesn't unlock a lot of new things,but hey at least I can buy a lottery ticket now! It's also pretty cool that I can vote now , unfortunately, elections have just passed and that means i won't be able to exercise this right for another two - four years!

Let's see, what else does this age entail..I can sign legal documents now which is pretty interesting. So not only can I sign myself out of school, but I can be the sole owner of a credit card!

Oh it just seems so exciting, can't wait (:


It's supposed to be feeling Christmas'y I'm Toronto but without a single layer of slow it's getting a little bit hard. There's honestly not that many decorations, it's so saddening!!

Please bring out some celebrations

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Re: Rob Ford

I just learned, that Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford is specifically telling people not to read the Toronto Star. How immature and downright unprofessional is that? Just because you don't like something that someone says, you shouldn't use your influential position to tell people what not to read.

Simply ridiculous.

OH the irony.

You know how some girls are always like, "it's so much easier being friends with guys"? Totally right.

Guys you can be so much more straight with, and although they can be rude they're not bitchy and don't gossip (as much) and have hidden intentions. Ew.

So much more to add..but it'll only land me in trouble!

But really, what it has done to me is simply ironic.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Toronto Star

I must admit something that sounds a bit strange, although my household subscribes to The Toronto Star, I read it on a regular basis, online.

I know, strange. But thats besides the point. What I've honestly noticed recently, is that the the articles that they write now, honestly seem to suck compared to other newspapers. Like honestly, posting articles on the front page about charlie sheen, lindsay lohan, and now paulina gretzky? I love reading interesting facts, but the majority of the time, and its been like this for the last few months, the news that they have been reporting is crap!

Fine. Maybe the articles within each section are better, well targeted, but come on, if the newspaper believes such articles belong on the front page I believe its a reflection of them.

Please learn from a newspaper like New York Times.

Ceramic Watches

They've been the latest trend for the longest time and I can't get over it! Embarassing is the fact that I only knw about the designer watches, and not the ones known simply for being the best in the industry

Toywatch actually had another sale, and I absoutely love them! Only $100! But I have one already, and i supposed if I got a second one it should be of another brand..

Currently craving a Marc by Marc Jacbos or Michael Kors watch.